Andrew Wheeler is an awesome instructor! I had looked for a while to find someone to give lessons for my son and I and I am very happy we found 518 Guitar! Andrew does a great job moving at our speed and has a genuine interest in knowing the music we are in to, and want to learn how to play. He seeks out ways for my son and I to learn and play together which makes all the difference. With Andrew's depth of technical experience and obvious passion of various genres I don't believe it matters what your starting point is, he is going to make you better!

Brian Kennison

My daughter takes guitar lessons with Mr. Wheeler. He is patient, supportive, and teaches the music she likes which keeps her focused and interested. Mr. Wheeler is encouraging, fun, and flexible in learning (in-person and virtual). I have been telling everyone about Mr. Wheeler, he is great for all ages and stages of music learning!

Courtnee BC

Andrew ensures lesson time is meaningful. His communication is clear and goals are achievable. I have recommended him and will continue to do so. Thanks, Andrew, for keeping me strumming. ?


If you are a novice to the guitar, or an experienced player who wants to enhance your skills, Andrew Wheeler is the teacher you want. He is patient, experienced and quickly unravels the mystery and beauty of the guitar. In just a few short months of lessons with Andrew, I have learned chords , licks, scales and songs covering rock, blues and folk.

Brian Shields

Andrew is fantastic! He is very approachable and is always ready to answer any questions you may have, even between lessons. You can tell he truly cares about his students and is passionate about what he does. He is also very knowledgeable and gives helpful tips! I would recommend Andrew to anyone!


Totally new beginner here! Andrew is a great guitar teacher :) He helped me with new guitar selection, helped me find something that fit me well, and has gotten me through my first handful of chords and strumming. I am really enjoying lessons with him. I recommend trying at least a few one on one les sons to help understand things better.

Samantha Nichols

I was super hesitant to try online lesssons, they have worked out so well. I've only been playing a couple years, but started songwriting almost immediately (Laura Stross Music). In many ways I'm still a beginner and in many ways I'm pretty adventurous onstage. Guitar lessons with Andrew has really m ade a difference in my approach to guitar!! For the better!! I am feeling more liberated on the neck now, finding new chords, notes, scales - give a lesson with Andrew a try. You'll find him knowledgeable, professional and kind - no egos!

Laura Stross

Lessons with Andrew have been awesome! I was pretty much a beginner when I met him,,,only played some tabs and random YouTube videos but needed something to get me to the next level. I wanted to know the whole fretboard, not too worried about playing songs I guess. So we broke down the fretboard litt le by little using chord theory and the scales that go with them. CHALLENGING but fun :) I recommend Andrew as a guitar teacher.

Sam C

Being mainly self-taught led me to want to seek someone to help me advance from a novice bedroom player to real musician. Andrew was able to help me with that in some big ways. From the time I walked in I was comfortable and confident. He asked me what I wanted and from then on as I would come back w eekly he would have ideas for lessons personalized to my goals. He seemed to know the key to me expanding in the music I had already learned (especially Hendrix!). He also just made it fun to go to lessons. It doesn't feel like a chore. I would highly recommend 518guitar to anyone who wants to learn guitar in a comfortable environment with a knowledgeable instructor.

Tim Lawya

Andrew is the quintessential professional. I just had my first lesson with Andrew, a pleasnt professional. who can really, really play. More importantly, as an older, true beginner, I was very impressed with Andrew's teaching and communication skills. I was able to learn a tremendous amount of information and really actually began to play my new guitar during my first lesson. Thank You Andrew! I really believe you will help me reach my goals of playing the genre of music I enjoy!

John Dudley

There's nothing better than immediately feeling comfortable with someone who you are trying to learn from. Andrew has inspired me to fully engage myself in both the musically process of playing but also building guitars as well. It has been an amazing experience and I've just started with him 5 month s ago. Couldn't recommend Andrew enough.

Brett Harris

My experience with Andrew far exceeded my expectations. He was so patient and kind and was extremely flexible with his schedule. He goes above and beyond to help you reach you goals and is easily accessible. He provided with so many tools outside of our lessons and constant availability for questions and troubleshooting. I have improved leaps and bounds from when I started with him in a very short period of time. Would highly recommend him to anyone.


Andrew has been teaching my 7 year old grandson Carter guitar lessons since February, and I cannot day enough about the positive experience it has been for him. Andrew has a genuine knack for working with children and making learning fun. Carter continues to comment every week after his lesson that h e loves learning from Andrew and just how awesome he is. There is no better compliment than when a student loves his teacher!!!!

Linda Singer

Andrew is a great teacher and more importantly, an awesome person. I have been playing recreationally for more than twenty years and he customizes lessons based on my musical interests. Highly recommended!

Mike B

I began working with Andrew 2 years ago. I have been playing the guitar since I was a kid. But now that I'm retired I really wanted to improve my skills, learn more musical background knowledge and be able to correct some of my bad habits. I feel Andrew has really listened to my needs. He has been very patient and informative. I have become even more passionate about the guitar and enjoy my lessons with Andrew. I would highly recommend him!