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Hello Guitar Students! The purpose of this online group guitar class is to get you ready to seamlessly strum this summer. Many of you received your first guitar this holiday season, or, maybe you had a guitar sitting around that you finally decided to put to use. Possibly, you’ve been playing a while but have hit a difficult point where your chords are there – but are not sounding musical. With all of the “instructional” videos on YouTube and other sites, it can be very difficult to know exactly how to progress and move forward.

I often hear from students that ‘trying to learn from YouTube’ seems like a good idea at first but ends up as a frustrated network of criss-crossing disconnected methods and pay-walls, making for a very distracted learning process.

This group online lesson will cut through all the disorganized fluff that you see in the market today and help you right here, right now to be the guitarist you’ve dreamed of.

This is where our new “Zero to Hero” group guitar class will assist! This class will start off by helping you make rock-solid practice plans; how to measure your growth and progress so you know you’re improving, and then we’ll dive into how to form chords and transition them smoothly – all the time, every time through various songs and rhythm strumming patterns. By this summer, you will be ready to relax on your front porch or around your fire pit and relax with your instrument.

Rather than give you a fish, I want to teach you to fish. As a guitar instructor of many years, I have always heard from students that knowing how to strum, change chords and practice correctly empowers them to grow their wings and fly.

That is my goal for you: freedom on the guitar… to empower you to have the knowledge and skills to grab your guitar and strum naturally, sounding musical and knowing how to learn new songs with no issues. The guitar should be fun and relaxing, not stressful. I want you to have a very musical and rewarding guitar summer – so let’s head to boot camp now, while there is still time.

Who this group class is for: Anyone who has learned a couple chords but is having trouble putting chords together to sound like music consistently. Two weeks to a month practice experience is helpful, but not necessary.


Many students come to me after trying to ‘teach themselves’ through watching online videos, youtube, or even local group classes. I am well aware of where the pain points are! So…how is this different?

Here is where most group classes fall short and how ours will be different, and more useful:

1. The class moved too fast and I couldn't keep up. The instructor just kept teaching and I didn't even have a chance to ask a question.

Solution: We will examine topics and techniques thoroughly as this is for mostly inexperienced players. It will require patience, but will not move too fast for most learners. While everyone learns differently, and at different speeds, I will be sure to address your questions. Remember, I am available via email between classes, too. You can message me.

3. If you snooze, you lose and can't go back.

Solution: Enrolled students will have access to the recorded lessons so they can download them to their own computer and access them forever.

5. Group classes are usually just used to "tease" students into private, costly one-on-one lessons.

Solution: My goal here is to hand you the keys to success. You won’t only learn guitar – you’ll learn how to learn and practice effectively, so that you can grow your own musical wings and fly.

2. They don't address individual learner needs and challenges. I've been practicing all week but I still don't "get it."

Solution: Enrolled students will be allowed one video exchange per week, where they demonstrate their problems (no longer than 3 minutes in length). You send me a quick video; I will respond in kind in video to you.

4. The information was useless and/or not focused enough and/or too elementary to be useful in real life (e.g., here are the notes on string one and here's "twinkle little star").

Solution: I have 15+ years teaching; 20+ years of performance/gigging and over thirty five-star reviews on google for a reason. I will keep this relevant, timely and fun. We will hone your skills through a review of 50+ years of rock, folk, country, blues and modern pop music.

Price is $193 for all 8 weeks.

Class will run from Wednesday, March 3, 2021 to Wednesday, April 21, 2021 from 7:30pm EST to 9:00 pm EST. 60 min of instruction and 30 min of questions/answers, etc.


Andrew Wheeler is a contest-winning blues guitarist with over 15 years of teaching experience and over 20 years of performance experience. He is Berklee College of Music certified in guitar skills and teaching, and has a roster of over thirty private students with dozens of 5-star google reviews. While performing and touring has been a passion for Andrew, his true love is teaching others to grow their skills and find their spark through music. He resides in Albany, NY and teaches online with students local and national. Not sure if learning online is going to work for you? Hear Andrew’s interview on NPR about this topic:

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