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Our founder, Andrew Wheeler, has been a private guitar instructor for over fifteen years in Albany and beyond, and we have experience working with young children all the way up to older adults. We can help you, no matter your desired musical genre or playing style, to reach your own greatness.

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Guitar Shopper Service

Fee: $25-$100, depending on depth and complexity of search and write-up.

Guitar maintenance email consultation

Fee: $10


Guitar maintenance phone consultation

Fee: $15 for 15 minutes

Online 1-on-1 Guitar Lessons

Fees: $30/half hour; $50 hour
*Due to COVID restrictions, all 1-on-1 lessons will be provided virtually.

Requesting For Cancellation

Lesson fee is charged if the student cancels with less than 24 hrs notice.
If more than 24 hours notice of cancellation is provided, the instructor will propose to set up a make-up lesson.

Guitar Shopper Services

Beginner Guitar Shopping Service

We will work to ensure you find the right fit. I very often see beginners who bought a broken, warped, or ill-fitting guitar. I will find the perfect guitar for you (or your learner). You just send me an email through this website telling me about your learner’s age and height, favorite kinds of music (if any), and your budget. I’ll do the research and send you a document outlining your top three options ($25).

Level Up Guitar Shopping Service

So you’ve been playing a while and want a nicer guitar – or – you are a beginner with a higher budget for your guitar. After a brief phone conversation (or intake form), we will find the right fit for you. Save yourself time – let us go through the hundreds and hundreds of online reviews and YouTube demo videos! With your goals and specifications in mind, we will send you a list of the top 3 best matches given your particular needs and budget ($50).

Dream Guitar Shopping Service

When you’re ready for your guitar-owning dreams to come true, look no further. We know what a confusing, complex mess it can be wading through hundreds of web pages and guitar specs such as – quilted top or flame top? Type of binding? A fixed bridge or floating trem – and if floating trem – which kind…vintage style, two-point, or locking Floyd Rose Style?What body tonewood – ash, mahogany, alder, maple? What kind of neck wood? Finish – poly or nitro – glossy, matte, or satin? Look…we know the struggle! These are only a few of the specifications we will discuss. Or, if you want, ignore the nitty-gritty and tell us your DREAM SOUND, FAVORITE COLOR, and FAVORITE PLAYERS, and we’ll know what to do.
Let us help – we are experts at matching guitarists with their dream guitars. We will conduct a short phone interview, exchange emails, and go through a strict filtration process to get you precisely what you want – very often (but not always) at a significant discount. We know what guitar-buying pitfalls to look for. We will produce a list curated just for you of precisely what you want based on your specifications and guitar playing styles, as well as being here to answer any questions you have, including purchase follow-up ($150).

** Please note: We are not affiliated with any guitar or musical instrument manufacturers. We are not affiliated with any particular shops, however, we make recommendations based on your needs and location. You will have peace of mind knowing we have worked with hundreds of students and have seen the best and worst of guitars, basses, and amps in the market today. We know what pitfalls to avoid, and where value can be found.


You may pay thru PayPal or Venmo, if using PayPal please click “For Friends & Family” so they won’t charge you a transfer fee. After paying, you can simply email me via the contact form on the page.

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